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Free Irish and NI shipping on all orders over 100 EUR

XL Magnetic Dice Tray Hexagonal: Black/Gray

Color: Black/Purple
Let your dice roll on a luxurious reversible Premium Magnetic Dice Tray!

This premium hexagonal Magnetic Dice Tray is perfect for tabletop and board games. It is compact and has strong embedded magnets, which allow you to conjure a magical Dice Tray in a split second. No need for any clamps or touch fasteners. The Magnetic Dice Tray is fully reversible. Just turn over the dice tray and enjoy a new visual game experience. One side is black, the other can be chosen from a range of 4 vibrant colors.


Premium Magnetic Dice Tray
Fully reversible: 2 different colors in one product
Ready in seconds: from flat into a dice tray
No clamps or touch fasteners
Powerful magnets, strong enough for heavy metal dice
Perfect for any kind of tabletop, RPG, or board game
Product size Flat: 353 x 353 mm
Folded: 271 x 271 mm
Material Polyurethane
Packaging type Window cardboard box