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Warcry: Pyre and Flood

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The quest for the Ravening Ruin has drawn all manner of warriors to the ever-hungry Gnarlwood, seeking glory, riches or the simple joy of slaughter. So thick lie the corpses across the forest floor that Nighthaunt Pyregheists have been drawn to it, threatening to consume the forest with the unholy flames of the Great Necromancer. Their rampant spread is held at bay only by the rising waters of a great river, long dormant but returning slowly to life under the guidance of the Ydrilan Riverblades.

Warcry: Pyre and Flood continues the journey into the Gnarlwood with two new warbands – the fire-hurling Pyregheists and the aelven warrior-monks of the Ydrilan Riverblades. The box also includes the Idol of the Old Ones, a massive scenery piece of fallen statuary in the form of a Slann’s bejewelled head, along with a campaign book packed with new background material, rules, and artwork. You'll also find all the cards you need to use both of these warbands in your games of Warcry.

This boxed set contains:
– 64-page softcover Warband Tome: Pyre and Flood – with background, artwork, rules, quests, and campaigns for both of the two warbands in the box, as well as the new Idol of the Old Ones terrain

– Ydrilan Riverblades – 10 lithe Lumineth warriors serving the aelementors of realms’ rivers. Surging forward with swift and merciless judgment, they seek to purify the tainted lands. These multipart plastic miniatures include 1x Pureflood Seneschal, 4x Crestdancers, and 4x Stream-runners, with a variety of weapon and cosmetic options.

– Pyregheists – Eight merciless servants of Nagash, tasked with freeing the souls trapped within the Gnarlwood by putting it to flame. These multipart plastic miniatures include 1x Deacon of Flames, 2x Balefire Guard, 2x Flamewraiths, and 3x Torchwraiths, with weapon and cosmetic options.

– Idol of the Old Ones Scenery – A multipart plastic kit to build the head of a ruined statue in the shape of a Slann, with flat areas on which to perch your miniatures during games.

– 42x battleplan cards – Generate battleplans quickly and easily with 6x terrain cards, 12x deployment cards, 12x victory cards, and 12x twist cards

– 20x warband cards – Keep games running smoothly with 3x abilities cards covering both warbands as well as universal abilities, 3x divider cards for tracking damage and fighters, 7x Ydrilan Riverblades fighter cards, and 7x Pyregheists fighter cards

Warcry: Prye and Flood is an excellent way to grow your Warcry collection, adding two intense new warbands and an imposing piece of scenery that fits right in with the rest of the Seraphon ruins range. You'll need a copy of the Warcry: Core Book to use the contents of this expansion box.

All miniatures come with appropriate bases. These miniatures are supplied unpainted and require assembly – we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel Colour paints.

The miniatures and some other elements of this product will be available separately at a later date.