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The Army Painter - Wet Palette

SKU TL5051

Tired of constantly having to reapply paint to your dry palette during long painting sessions? Want to make your miniature paints last longer? Extend the lifetime of your paints by using The Army Painter Wet Palette. 

A Wet Palette is a tool designed to keep your paint hydrated which makes them last longer during your marathon sessions at the hobby desk. The Wet Palette will also preserve your custom paint mixes preserving them far longer than a standard dry palette ever will.

This advanced tool is easy enough to use for a beginner and the perfect accessory for the experienced painter. Additionally, the Wet Palette helps to thin your paints for perfectly smooth layers of paint every time.

With 2 pieces of Hydro Foam and 50 Hydro Sheets included you'll have all of the materials needed to start using your wet palette. 

This uniquely designed tool also features a clever inner layer that can hold up to 6 Wargamer Brushes and 10 Hobby Brushes from The Army Painter Range.

The Army Painter Wet Palette is a great value due to its high-quality materials and construction that is affordable priced compared to other palettes on the market. This Wet Palette is the go-to for budget hobbyists and professional painters alike! 

Don't wait for paint to dry! Preserve your miniature paints with the Army Painter Wet Palette!

Size: 13.8 x 19.8 cm