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Pro Acryl Metallic Set (9x22mL)


We have removed all metallic colors from the range and put them together in one practical package! 9 metallic shades in total including the fantastic metallic medium.

All Monument Hobbies colors are made from high quality premium pigments and a high quality acrylic medium. They provide excellent coverage straight from the bottle and dry down with a lovely matte finish. The homogeneous composition enables an even, thin application, for example to achieve a certain level of transparency. Whether brush or airbrush, they are formulated to always provide the same consistency in color and coverage. Pro acrylic paints come in dropper bottles with an innovative, clog-free cap that combines the benefits of a dropper bottle and a screw cap! All colors are sealed and shipped with glass agitator balls!

Contents: 12x 22ml paint per bottle.

Included in the set: Bronze, Light Bronze, Copper, Bright Gold, Rich Gold, White Gold, Silver, Dark Silver, and Metallic Medium.

ATTENTION: Due to the long storage in customs, the outer packaging/cardboard of the sets may be affected. We apologize for this circumstance. The contents of the sets have been checked and are undamaged. Damage to the packaging/box of the sets therefore does not represent a defect in the product itself!