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Old World : Tomb Kings of Khemri Reference Cards

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The Tomb Kings of Khemri are the monarchs of the Undead. Once rulers of a vast and mighty civilisation at a time when other human nations were still barbarians, thousands of years after their deaths, they have been awakened. Rising from their sarcophagi, the mummified Tomb Kings possess the same thirst for conquest that drove them in life. They march forth to reclaim their rightful dominion over the kingdoms of the living – woe betide any that stand in their way.

Easily keep track of your army's abilities, magical items, and more in the heat of battle with this handy pack of cards. This set contains 36 Tomb Kings of Khemri reference cards, measuring 110mm x 75mm, for use in your games of Warhammer: The Old World.

This set contains:

– 1x Reference Card
– 4x Magic Weapons Cards
– 2x Magic Armour Cards
– 2x Talismans Cards
– 4x Magic Standards Cards
– 4x Enchanted Items Cards
– 4x Arcane Items Cards
– 6x Lore of Nehekhara Cards
– 7x Useful Rules Cards
– 2x Casket of Souls Spells Cards

You will need a copy of the Warhammer: The Old World Rulebook and Warhammer: the Old World – Ravening Hordes, both sold separately, to use the contents of this card pack.