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Free Irish and NI shipping on all orders over 100 EUR

WH40K Objective Markers + Radar Towers

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Our Objective Markers, specifically projected for Warhammer40K 9th Edition, integrate perfectly into the scenario and help you to know if you are checking your goals without needing to measure. Made of 3mm MDF (perfectly paintable), they are so resistant that you can easily transport them anywhere and place your miniatures on them without problems.

This set contains 6 numbered target areas and 6 radar tower target elements.
Target discs size 19.24cm diameter (3"+ 40mm + 3")
You can also use the central element (Radar Tower) alone as an objective marker (measuring 40mm diameter).

WH40K Objective Markers - Set Content:

6x target area, disc size: 19.24cm (7.57 inches) diameter with 40mm of center area and 3 inches of control area radius.
6x radar tower targets, tower size: 4cm (1.57 inches) diameter x 8.5cm height.
- Assembly instructions inside the package
- The measurements of the individual scenic elements are approximated by excess
- The kit is supplied NOT assembled and NOT painted. The discs are already assembled and ready to be played.